Remembering Mark Schwartz

Mark Schwartz knew the challenges of providing for a family working as an EMT intimately. He was up early, home late, and then worked long hours on the weekends at a second job in order to provide for his wife and two children.

This hardship wasn’t lost on Mark. As a Vice-President with Hunter Ambulance he cared for his providers as he expected them to care for their patients. He had an “open arm” policy giving away free hugs and was commonly referred to as “Uncle Mark”. Mark’s work schedule and dedication to his family did cost him one thing, the ability to go to paramedic school.

That September morning Mark responded along with his units to the World Trade Center. He was not one to ask others to do what he himself would not do, and this was no exception. He never made it home that night.

After September 11, Mark’s son Andrew became a Paramedic. He did for his father what he could no longer do for himself and the state saw fit to give him his father’s certification number. Andrew continues to serve although in a slightly different capacity. Here is a recent story about how he has turned his father’s story into a lesson for his fourth graders…