1.5 Hours Of Free CE That Can Help Save YOUR Life

The October issue of the newly rebranded EMS World Magazine included a supplement titled Ambulance Safety Solutions. The supplement is now available online here. Zoll Medical sponsored the supplement and is also sponsoring 1.5 Free CE credits for responders who successfully complete the supplement and a quiz through RapidCE.There were two articles in the supplement that really stood out to me that I think even if you are not interested in the CE credits (although I don’t know why you wouldn’t because they are FREE), that you should definitely take the time to read.

The first is the article on Threat Reduction (page S8). The fact is that most people will correctly tell you that before you can reduce a threat you need to identify it. The authors of the article rightfully repeat this self-evident truth but add on the harsh reality of the question we so often find ourselves asking, There’s so many, where do we start?

The second article is Developing A Safety Culture (page S6) that highlights the efforts and successes of Rockland Paramedic Services in New York. Now I’m not just saying this because RPS in a New York agency nor is it because I spent a week and half in Hemphill, Texas with Tim Egan back in 2005. This article highlights how an agency, that most would consider safe considering a low accident rate, recognized that they could do better. Too often we accept results as “good enough” when what we should be doing is striving to “be better than” the status quo.

Ambulance safety and how we prioritize it is something that affects us all. The leading cause of EMS Line of Duty Deaths is motor vehicle collisions. As an industry we need to commit ourselves to “be better than” instead of “good enough” when it comes to developing our own safety culture.

Take advantage of this opportunity that Zoll has sponsored. Download the supplement, take the quiz, and commit yourself to “be better than” in developing your own safety culture.

Your agency will follow if you lead it.