The Future Ditch Doctor Is Here On The #QuestForTheDiscoPatch Now!

One of the things we pride ourselves on at EMS Blogs is representing the diversity of the professional body that comprises the Emergency Medical Services of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. That includes those who are on a quest to advance themselves, to advance their level of patient care, and advance the profession by accepting the challenge of the #QuestForTheDiscoPatch.

With that in mind we are pleased to welcome Jonathan of here at EMS Blogs! Here is a bit about Jonathan from his bio:

I’m a NREMT-B who works and volunteers in rural EMS in Mississippi. I am also a paramedic student who is on the #questforthediscopatch.

I’ve been in EMS for just over a year and I love every minute of it. Becoming a paramedic is something I’ve dreamed of doing for years and I’m thrilled that I’m on my way to fulfilling that dream.

I’m married to a wonderful woman named Jessica who is (thankfully!) very understanding of the craziness that is paramedic school. I also collect spores, molds and fungus and have been known to profess a love for Lamp.

I look forward to following his progress and being able to celebrate his successes with him! I hope you will too, so go on by Future Ditch Doctor and help welcome him to EMS Blogs!!!