Welcome Hybrid Medic To EMS Blogs!

Any environmentalist will tell you that we consume fossil fuels and natural resources inefficiently and at an alarming rate. We have turned to improving efficiency through the advancement and merging of technologies as a method to attain the goals of conservation and improving the general state of the environment. The exact same things can be said when we talk about the Public Safety environment.

Here at EMS Blogs we are glad to do our part for the fossils to make them more efficient and are very happy to welcome Hybrid Medic to the network! Here’s a little bit about him from his blog:

My name is Russell Stine, I’m a Fire Fighter/Paramedic (FFP) for the Memphis Fire Department in Memphis, TN. My story starts out like many of my other colleagues, and that was with a boyhood dream of those big red (or in some cases around where I grew up, yellow) fire engines and ambulances going to calls in and around where I lived. It seems that everything I did in my childhood reflected a desire for public service (or that I was a glutton for punishment) or came back around to it. I followed my dad along to CPR classes he taught for the American Red Cross in the early 1990′s, so I guess it kept that dream alive.

Read More About Russell Here

Russell has a great blog with some really interesting case studies and we’re also looking forward to the further development of his podcast. So why don’t you take a minute and go give him a great big welcome!