November Is #CoEMS Awareness Month

There are many many many fantastic charitable causes and education initiatives that claim a time period specifically for raising awareness and generally associate a color with their cause. The fact is there are so many of these great campaigns that by supporting just one you’ll be practicing cause discrimination and if you try to support them all you will undoubtedly resemble a PCP induced nightmarish version of Rainbow Brite on a daily basis.

Luckily, for the month of November there is a new awareness campaign that you can participate in without worrying about offending a segment of your patients or causing sleep deprivation from techni-color nightmares to your co-workers and family members. Justin Schorr wants you to take him somewhere nice and is raising awareness for the Chronicles of EMS. Now it is true that at the same time Chris Kaiser is promoting EMS 2.0 in a semi-competitive environment, but since the Chronicles of EMS is an integral component of spreading the concepts and providing education about EMS 2.0, either one that you draw attention to is a win for EMS in general.

  • Visit Justin’s blog about the campaign here
  • Visit Chris’s blog about the campaign here
  • Visit the Chronicles of EMS site and become a member here

Take a minute and a photo or two to make November #CoEMS Awareness Month at your local agency