Welcome Transport Jockey To EMS Blogs!

They say that everything’s bigger in Texas. Today we are proud to announce that everything is bigger at EMS Blogs with the addition of Texas’ own Transport Jockey! Don’t know who he is? Well you can check him out here and read a bit from his About Page:

I’m a 23 year old EMT who works for a very rural municipal EMS service in west TX. I’m going back to Paramedic school in the Spring to try another time to get that disco patch. I eventually wanna work as either a remote medic or a flight nurse. I also still have dreams of becoming an ED Doc someday.

So please go visit Transport Jockey, welcome him to EMS Blogs, and let’s follow his journey in the #questforthediscopatch together!

For those of you who are keeping count, we’ve reached a milestone. We now have a baker’s dozen with 13 premiere EMS bloggers in the EMS Blogs network. This makes us not just the premiere, not just the leading, not just on the cutting edge, not just the only independent EMS Blog Network for EMS by EMS personnel, but also the largest EMS Blog network out here