EMS Blogs Welcomes Lizzie From Portrait Of A Medic!

For those of you who follow us on Twitter you may have seen some #CrypticTweets recently.

First we asked if anyone knew the words to O Canada.

Then we modified Shakespeare a bit and asked if this was indeed a moose we saw before us.

The grand finale threw some geekery into it all when we proclaimed to @JustMyBlog that all your lady are belong to us.

All of that was leading up to this moment…

EMS Blogs is proud to welcome Lizzie from Portrait Of A Medic (formerly Portrait Of A Lady) to the EMS Blogs Network! Here’s a little bit about Lizzie from her Who Is Lizzie? page:

To start off, I’m not going to reveal my true identity. Or even where I live. Sorry to disappoint, but I’ve seen too many other people reveal too much about themselves.

What you can know is that Lizzie lives somewhere in Canada and likes to occasionally talk about herself in third person. Sorry, but these are actually really hard to write. You try separating your real identity (wow, I sound like a superhero – awesome!) and your blogger identity. It’s hard work.

Back to business. I am an EMT/PCP student (depending on where you’re from) and am currently enrolled in the Canadian Forces as a medical technician and am waiting until I’m done my EMT schooling before I start the rest of my training. I work on a casual basis for a patient transport company and spend all of the rest of my time (it seems like it anyways) reading blogs or writing posts for my blog.

Not only does this addition increase our female:male blogger ratio, but now we can consider ourselves an international entity! What is most important is that we are very happy to have Lizzie onboard and bringing her unique non-male and non-US perspective to EMS Blogs at Portrait Of A Medic!

Be sure to stop by and give her a warm welcome, eh!