This Week In EMS Blogs: What’s In A Name? A Lot!

Just like call volume it’s been another busy week in the EMS blogosphere! There are a lot of great posts to highlight this week, but we’d also like to highlight a survey currently hosted online over at regarding the “EMS Name” Debate. We encourage you to go over there and make your feelings known, and hopefully the results of the survey will be made public so that perhaps we can all finally come to a consensus and stop confusing not only ourselves but the public as well! Right after you do that, be sure to check out these informative and fun blog posts from the EMS Blogosphere

And finally…

  • On this week’s episode of EMS Garage the hot topic is the FDNY EMS Organ Recovery Unit. I’ve already written one blog post that will be followed up with another (correcting what I myself originally had wrong) but take a listen to the discussion regarding their operational procedures and the ethical challenges such a program has to overcome to be operated in an EMS system

Have a safe weekend!