EMS Blogs Welcomes The Flobach Republic!

As a society there is so much of our time and focus directed to the differences between us then the commonalities that we share. This is also true in EMS where we more often focus on our system type (whether we are in a transporting ALS system, a BLS-ALS tiered service, or a transporting BLS system with ALS intercept) or the color of our ambulances (red, yellow, blue, and green all seem to be leading colors) instead of our similarities.

With that tendency of focus in mind we would like to welcome our newest blogger to EMSBlogs.com… straight from Western Australia where the kangaroos roam and the koalas and dingos do play… the lean, green, and keen Flobach!

From Flobach‘s About page:

Paramedic Student

  • lean: my natural body shape, although this will be a battle thanks to shift work and the availability of decent food at 0200hrs
  • green: my uniform, and the colour of the skin behind my ears, although this is quickly changing as my learning curve continues to point upwards
  • keen: goes without saying – this is much more than a job; I live and breathe the stuff.

Flobach is a great addition to EMS Blogs because not only will we get to see how different working down under is, Flobach can also help us see how similar it is… such as getting the insane call that you would never expect to get.

Please take a minute, stop on over at the Flobach Republic, and welcome him to the family!