A Dynamic EMS Guide For Dynamic Patient Situations

Working in the Emergency Medical Services is a very dynamic occupation. Our vehicles, partners, coverage area, and shift start/end times are all subject to change. Sure, after a few years in a couple of those things will hopefully normalize but one thing we can count on being regularly dynamic is our patients and the ailments they call us to help them with.

Another thing we can count on changing are guidelines. The recent AHA Guideline changes is a great example of how medicine, as scientific as some want to believe, requires a level of artistry to it. Of course all good artists are only as good as their palette and their inspiration as a guide.

Luckily there is a dynamic guide to help us in dynamic situations and there is no inspiration required. The EMS ALS App Guide features standard treatments that have been updated to the 2010 AHA Guidelines. It packs all the information found in the paper guides famously used around the world for reference in the field by EMS providers since 1986, making it the most used reference guide in EMS history.

One of the best features of the app are the included dynamic calculators replacing charts formerly found in the paper guide version. The app features integrated calculators for:

  • APGAR Scale Calculator
  • Conversion Calculator for temperature, weight, length, and volume
  • Glasgow Coma Scale
  • Parkland Burn Formula Infant
  • Parkland Burn Formula Adult
  • Pediatric Defibrillation
  • Pediatric ET Tube
  • Pediatric Medications
  • Pediatric Trauma Score
  • Pediatric Vitals

Whether you use it as a dynamic guide during the call or for refresher purposes before and after the call during downtime, the EMS ALS App translates the information from the paper guides of old into a new easy to use digital form and adds the value of simple interactivity.

Pediatric Defibrillator Calculator

“The original and still the best.”

EMS Magazine

The EMS ALS Guide App is available in both the iTunes App Store and the Android Marketplace.