If Medic Madness Was Part Of EMS Blogs…

There are plenty of times while pondering the meaning of life in the universe that we ask ourselves “What if this celebrity was a Paramedic?

Look no further for the answers to those troubling hypothesis!

EMS Blogs is happy to welcome Medic Madness to the asylum! Medic Madness is the home of Sean Eddy, the mind behind Celebrity Medics and the creator of DroidMedic.

From Sean’s About Page:

My name is Sean Eddy and this is my place to talk, complain, rant, and spend countless hours on my days off. I have been working in EMS for 7 years now with the last 4 as a paramedic. I live and work in Southern California and someday hope to get the hell out of here!

I created this blog because I love to write and I enjoy interacting with people from around the globe. I also enjoy the occasional debate. I am a very opinionated and open person. I welcome all compliments, suggestions, arguments and hate mail.

So take a few moments, embrace the madness, and welcome Medic Madness to EMS Blogs!