Don’t Let Scheduling Drive You Insane

Back in the 90’s when I first took on a supervisory role I had three tasks that were given to me. The first was to make sure there was enough medical supplies, which was easy enough since there was a carousel bin system and any bin below level would just get refilled. The second was to make sure the crews were in uniform, which was also easy enough to look and see whether someone had come to work in their navy blue uniform or their tie dye t-shirt from the concert the night before. The third was to make sure the schedule was filled, which easily was not only the most arduous task but also the one that would drive me near the brink of insanity using a rolodex from the 1970s, an Excel spreadsheet, and some colorful language when the stress and frustration levels got too high.

Thankfully scheduling is no longer the herculean task it was thanks to products like EMS Manager. An online scheduling system by Aladtec, EMS Manager takes the frustration out of the task by simplifying communication between the supervisor and the employee.

Some of the scheduling system features include:

  • Multiple Schedule Formats
  • Employee Availability
  • Open Shift Sign-up
  • Repeats and Rotations
  • Shift Trading
  • Vaction/Time-Off Requests
  • Employee Database

We are an industry that, contrary to popular belief, is not entirely predictable. Sure we can look at data and make assumptions as to call volume and even from where the next call may come, but there are no guarantees and it certainly can change without much notice. Having the flexibility of multiple schedule formats is an absolute must for today’s agency looking to provide the best service possible while remaining efficient.

I know a lot of my frustration would come from trying to fill open shifts due to vacation requests. At the same time, I could have done a better job for the guys who might have just needed a tour change for a day. Doing mutuals or shift trades became part of the solution, but added to the frustrations of supervising them. Having to check three different places to make sure a mutual could happen was not only tedious but downright painful. EMS Manager has this capability built right in, a benefit for both the employee and the supervisor!

EMS Manager‘s usefulness is not just limited to paid services. With the Employee Availability Submission, volunteer services can more easily match personnel together for a shift on the ambulance instead of trying to make the phone calls or exchange e-mails trying to make a match happen.

Don’t let scheduling drive you to the brink of insanity. Check out EMS Manager and try the free demo. Once you see it in action for yourself you’re going to realize that not only is there a better way but that the better way already exists!

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