EMS Blogs Welcomes Scaredy Fish

In what seems to be a lifetime ago I represented EMS at a high school career day. During one of the sessions a young lady raised her hand and asked me, “What if I’m too scared by what I might see or do wrong?” I pondered that question for a moment before channeling Gordon Gekko with my answer…

Fear is good.

Fear is a real emotion, similar to pain, that reminds us that we are human tending to the needs of others. More importantly it reminds us of what the patient themselves must experience and gives us an understanding to better be able to perform our jobs.

With that in mind, EMS Blogs is proud to welcome the blogger Scaredy Fish to the family. From Scaredy Fish’s About page:

I’m a medic on an ambulance, well several ambulances to be precise, paid or volunteer depending on the day of the week and the county. From a for profit agency with a call volume of nearly 10,000 runs a year to an agency with that has more cows per square acre than people with an annual call log that rarely breaks 600. At one we have fire first response who are always willing to lend a hand, at the other, we feel lucky if we have the staff to roll out the door. This gives me a good perspective of life from both sides of the isle.

So take a second, go give Scaredy Fish a big welcome and reassure him that there’s no fear too big to overcome.