Help Needed For One Of Us

Paramedic Bryan Stow

Bryan Stow, a paramedic with American Medical Response in Santa Clara County, was attacked and beaten so badly after a baseball game that he has been placed in a medically induced coma. The attack happened in Los Angeles and you can read accounts of it at EMS1, EMS World, and JEMS.

Paramedic Bryan Stow
His partner has set-up a fund to help his family during his recovery. Justin Schorr has provided some additional information about fundraising efforts:

  • A fundraiser is being held today from noon to 8pm, at AMR Santa Clara County Headquarters (Next to SJFD Station 34) at 1670 Las Plumas Ave, San Jose
  • Make a monetary donation via PayPal
  • Make a donation directly to the fundraising account at Commonwealth Central Credit Union Account #118881. You can do this by contacting any credit union
  • To follow Bryan’s progress you can visit the blog set up for him at Support4Stow or subscribe to the Facebook Page Our Prayers Are With Bryan Stow

Art Hsieh has a great column on EMS1 about Helping One Of Our Own. I want to both echo his sentiments and also stress that every little bit, whether it be through a financial donation, raising awareness through your physical facilities or through sharing the story on the internet, or even just a prayer will all help.

Individually we may think of our contributions as minutia, but together we are legion.