Take Your Agency Scheduling With You

With the streamlining of budgets and the squeezing of efficiency by doing “more with less” we are seeing an increase in mobility for both our personnel as well as the supervisors and managers that oversee them. While we shouldn’t let scheduling drive us insane because of its dynamic nature, it is important to remember that the environments we are working in are also dynamic and therefore we need to have access to it no matter where we are.

This is really where EMS Manager shines for me. Because it is an online system, you are able to access it anywhere there is an internet connection. You could be at the station, at the local coffee shop, or even on the scene of a major incident and still have access to all of the functionality of the employee database and scheduling options.

Increased mobility is not just specific to the nature of our work, but it is becoming ingrained in our very culture. As smartphones continue their proliferation more and more people will be using them in place of the actual desktop computer we’ve known for the last 20 years. Because of this it is important for services to specifically design for the mobile space and the difference in screen resolution and interactions. Unlike Adobe with Flash, Aladtec has already optimized EMS Manager for the mobile touch space. This native like interface makes it very easy for your responders to be able to see their schedules, request shifts, provide availability, and request time off on a device they are already intimately familiar with.

Increased mobility isn’t in the future, it’s here now and EMS Manager is the scheduling software to meet those needs.