Happy EMS Week!

Happy EMS Week to all the EMS Providers! Hopefully you’ve had the chance to take advantage of the new NAEMT site EMS Week Ideas. If not, it’s not to late to check it out and put some of their ideas into action!

This year’s theme from the American College of Emergency Physicians is EMS: Everyday Heroes. While many of us don’t view ourselves as doing heroic work, to those who’s lives we change the most there is no better description.

EMS agencies use this week as an opportunity to both recognize the hard work of their providers and reach out to educate their communities on safety initiatives. There are some agencies that do more than others, and I assure you there are some agencies that do literally nothing. If you belong to an agency that has activities during this week, be sure to thank them for taking the time to do so. If you belong to an agency that does not have any activities during this week, then be sure to point out all the agencies that DO have activities and suggest that perhaps next year your agency could do something.

Have a happy and safe EMS Week!