Thank You EMS Manager!

Believe it or not there are costs associated with running the premiere international independent EMS blog network, Thankfully we are able to partner with companies and organizations who are as passionate about EMS as we are and who are kind enough to sponsor us for the month.

Aladtec is one of these companies. They realize that scheduling is an essential component to any EMS service. Understanding that both managers and providers need to be able to interface easily with a scheduling tool to ensure an agency’s success, they have built a system that takes a lot of the work out of scheduling.

Their product EMS Manager is an online scheduling system that is accessible anywhere there is an internet connection. Understanding that EMS is dynamic and constantly on they go, they went so far as to specifically design an optimized mobile experience for both managers and providers. The system features a variety of shift templates, availability functions, and can also act as a provider database for all personnel.

Be sure to check out EMS Manager and schedule a demo for yourself. You can stay connected with Aladtec on Twitter, Facebook and on the Aladtec Blog!

We’d like to thank Aladtec for their sponsorship and look forward to seeing them continue to deliver high quality products for passionate EMS providers like ourselves!