Thank You Informed Guides!

Believe it or not there are costs associated with running the premiere international independent EMS blog network, Thankfully we are able to partner with companies and organizations who are as passionate about EMS as we are and who are kind enough to sponsor us for the month.

Informed Guides is one such a company. Their EMS ACLS Guide is based on the EMS ALS Field Guide that has been in use by providers around the world since 1986. This new dynamic format fits perfectly into our ever changing world as new protocols and standards are developed through research and then implemented into practice. The EMS ACLS Guide was quickly updated with the 2010 AHA Guidelines, features interactive calculators, and retains the old paper guide ability to enter in your own notes based on local protocols. Developing paper products into interactive digital media is not as simple as it may seem but Informed Guides shows they know how to do it and do it right.

This is the must have app for every paramedic and you can find the EMS ACLS Guide in the Droid Marketplace and the iOS iTunes App Store and in the Nook Color Android Marketplace. You can also stay connected with Informed Guides through Twitter and Facebook!

We’d like to thank Informed Guides for their sponsorship and look forward to seeing them continue to deliver high quality products for passionate EMS providers like ourselves!