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Today’s Probie Is Tomorrow’s Chief…

The other day I did something most people who know me would consider unthinkable… I took off my hat at a crew meeting. It was just a momentary thing, and I had the full intention of putting it back on quickly. Obviously I wasn’t quick enough because one of my partners commented on, “Wow. You’re grayer than usual.” While I may forever be 14 on the inside, the outside is obviously showing its experience.

Which brings me to our next newest blogger, MK who is the author of Probie To Practitioner and who also has the honor of being our youngest blogger on the EMS Blogs Network! Here’s a little bit from MK‘s bio:

I’m what you might call “Green,” “Sparky,” “Whacker.” In other words, a newbie. Though the ink is still drying on my EMT-B card, I have delusions of grandeur of going on and one day becoming a paramedic. I’m currently finishing up what will hopefully be my last semester of pre-reqs before applying to nursing school. This blog will detail my experiences as I progress through my career in emergency medicine.

So why don’t you be sure to welcome MK and comment as she defends the younger generation. It’s important to remember that the probies of today will become the chiefs of tomorrow, and this is the kind of post that would make any blawg fathers proud.

It’s The Patient’s Perspective That Really Matters

One of the things I find most interesting about talking with people is understanding their perspective on different situations. For example it’s amazing to hear how field staff think the communications center works and vice versa as opposed to the realities of the situation.

One perspective I think we often overlook in many facets of our industry, unintentionally, is the perspective of the actual patient. Bob Sullivan has taken on this unique perspective at EMS Patient Perspective. Here’s a little bit about Bob:

Hi, I’m Bob Sullivan. I am a paramedic in Wilmington, Delaware, and teach with the paramedic program at a community college. I’ve been in EMS for 12 years, and have worked with a variety of delivery models in three metropolitan areas.

I started this blog to examine EMS from the view of the people who call us. I want to look past the way we’ve always done things and find ways to do them better. Please join this conversation, and I hope you find this material valuable.

So wander over to EMS Patient Perspective with an open mind prepared to look at EMS from a different perspective and give Bob a big welcome!

It Has Been Too Long Since My Last Confession…

Bless them Captain’s Chair for I have responded. It’s been too long since my last confession, and these have been my interventions…

There’s something powerful about a confession. Whether it be offered in a religious setting, in a therapists office, in the back of a taxi cab, or in the interview room of your local police department… confessions have… soul. I’m a fan of the soul so it’s no wonder I’m happy to announce confessions are now being heard at Captain Chair Confessions on EMS Blogs!

Here’s a little bit from Captain Chair Confessions About page:

I am an affable, slightly overweight paramedic in a large city in the bottom right-hand corner of the United States. I have been involved in healthcare for the past 15 years, with the past 13 spent in ambulances in various cities, towns, hamlets and villages. I love my job. I like my coworkers. I enjoy my patients. When I am not taking care of critically injured or ill patients, I am a family man, and aspiring golfer.

Don’t be afraid… go get some soul… go welcome the confessions

Medic 51 Responding…

It’s been a little while since I’ve had the opportunity to welcome a new blog. Truth is, we have a few new blogs to announce with more on the way so its been a bit hard to keep up with everything! But that’s neither here nor there because today we can tell you that Medic 51 is now responding from EMS Blogs!

Here’s a little bit about Medic 51 from their About page:

First thing’s first: No, my real name isn’t Medic 51. And yes, the “51″ is in tribute to Johnny and Roy.

I’m a paramedic somewhere in the United States who is still trying to find his place in the wonderful world of EMS. Sorry, can’t tell you my name or where I live – I have to keep this blog anonymous. Not that I’m not out violate HIPAA or anything, it’s just best that I keep my identity under wraps. I love being a paramedic and I’m constantly seeking out ways to make the leap from “decent medic” to “good medic” and hopefully to “great medic” eventually! I’m not perfect – Lord knows I never will be – but I strive everyday to be the best I can be for my patients.

Be sure to stop over and welcome Medic 51!!!

Always Remember

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 that took the lives of 2,977 innocents in Washington DC, Shanksville Pennsylvannia, and New York City. To honor the lives lost that day we have changed our blogs to reflect the colors of mourning.

Today is about remembering the conscious sacrifice made by one for another in their greatest time of need. Today is about remembering that while all sacrificed some… there are those who sacrificed all. I ask that you remember them today and leave everything else for another time.

September 11th Memorial 09-11-09 by idovermani via Flickr

Today we will specifically remember the eight dedicated Emergency Medical Service providers, all from New York City, who responded with their agencies to the World Trade Center site in order to help others and in doing so sacrificed their own lives.

Keith Fairben

New York Presbyterian Hospital EMS

Carlos Lillo

Fire Department of New York

Yamel Merino

MetroCare Ambulance/Einstein Hospital EMS

Richard Pearlman

The Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps

Ricardo Quinn

Fire Department of New York

Mario Santoro

New York Presbyterian Hospital EMS

Mark Schwartz

Hunter Ambulance

David Marc Sullins

Cabrini Hospital EMS

The sacrifice they and the other responders made that clear Tuesday morning in September ten years ago is what has turned Ground Zero into the Ground of Heroes.