It’s The Patient’s Perspective That Really Matters

One of the things I find most interesting about talking with people is understanding their perspective on different situations. For example it’s amazing to hear how field staff think the communications center works and vice versa as opposed to the realities of the situation.

One perspective I think we often overlook in many facets of our industry, unintentionally, is the perspective of the actual patient. Bob Sullivan has taken on this unique perspective at EMS Patient Perspective. Here’s a little bit about Bob:

Hi, I’m Bob Sullivan. I am a paramedic in Wilmington, Delaware, and teach with the paramedic program at a community college. I’ve been in EMS for 12 years, and have worked with a variety of delivery models in three metropolitan areas.

I started this blog to examine EMS from the view of the people who call us. I want to look past the way we’ve always done things and find ways to do them better. Please join this conversation, and I hope you find this material valuable.

So wander over to EMS Patient Perspective with an open mind prepared to look at EMS from a different perspective and give Bob a big welcome!