Today’s Probie Is Tomorrow’s Chief…

The other day I did something most people who know me would consider unthinkable… I took off my hat at a crew meeting. It was just a momentary thing, and I had the full intention of putting it back on quickly. Obviously I wasn’t quick enough because one of my partners commented on, “Wow. You’re grayer than usual.” While I may forever be 14 on the inside, the outside is obviously showing its experience.

Which brings me to our next newest blogger, MK who is the author of Probie To Practitioner and who also has the honor of being our youngest blogger on the EMS Blogs Network! Here’s a little bit from MK‘s bio:

I’m what you might call “Green,” “Sparky,” “Whacker.” In other words, a newbie. Though the ink is still drying on my EMT-B card, I have delusions of grandeur of going on and one day becoming a paramedic. I’m currently finishing up what will hopefully be my last semester of pre-reqs before applying to nursing school. This blog will detail my experiences as I progress through my career in emergency medicine.

So why don’t you be sure to welcome MK and comment as she defends the younger generation. It’s important to remember that the probies of today will become the chiefs of tomorrow, and this is the kind of post that would make any blawg fathers proud.