Fire Meets Ice At EMS Blogs

Everyone has a story.

Whether it be our patients, our partners, our bosses, or even ourselves, everyone has a story about how they started in doing what they do. Blogging is no different, and I think you’ll find the author of EMS Blogs‘ newest addition Hot Lights And Cold Steel an interesting tale…

Have you ever had one of those periods in your life when you looked around and found the scenery wasn’t quite what you expected? After traveling a short time down the trail you stumble upon something that wasn’t listed in the guide books and far surpasses what you expected to find during the journey, and you begin to wonder how did I get HERE?

After reading “EMS social media: Why get involved?” in the summer 2011 issue of NAEMT news, I realized there was a whole world of fellow providers to connect with. I joined twitter, began reading blogs that I had never seen before and connected with providers from around the world. I had tapped into the passion of EMS providers, and I wanted in.

Let’s show Hot Lights And Cold Steel the power of social media, give him a warm welcome, and feel free to share the unexpected outcomes life has handed you that have landed you here.

Everyone has a story.