Pass The Test, No Smart Phone Required

12-Lead ECG Web App

I love my apps. The sheer variety, mobility, and functionality still keeps me in awe. There are a couple of things though that I feel limit my experience, especially when it comes to educational apps. Battery drain, the inability to make a phone call when using the app, and at times the limited screen size can be downright frustrating when I NEED to pass the test.

12 Lead ECG Challenge Web App
You no longer need a smartphone and deal with those limitations in order to take advantage of the educational apps offered by Limmer Creative. By using the Limmer Creative Learning Center you have access to all the mobile educational apps in a big screen web setting. These web apps are designed so that you can start using the app from your desktop, move over to a tablet, and even use your smartphone web browser to access this great content.

Some of the apps available at the Limmer Creative Learning Center include:

Stop draining your battery, squinting to see the screen, and getting interrupted by your supervisor wondering where their coffee is. Get into study mode and be prepared for both the exam AND for the TRUE test of your education… patient care.

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