Don’t Fear The Pediatric…

Pediatric patients.

Just the mere mention of them can make a provider’s blood run cold with fear. While we generally don’t encounter them that often, when we do our decisions often have a greater physiological effect on the patient and bears a heavier emotional weight on ourselves.

Because we don’t necessarily encounter them as often as we do adult patients there may be some information degradation when it comes to treatments and calculations. Since the decisions we make can potentially be more dramatic, it’s important that we make the right decisions the first time. To help with that Informed Publishing has released the Porter’s Pediatric ALS app.

With all of the content based on William Porter‘s popular Porter’s Pocket Guide to Pediatrics (5th Edition) published by Jones & Bartlett Learning, the app features a simple interface that gives you access to the most pertinent information for assessing and providing treatments to pediatric patients. Broken down into the three major sections of Trauma, PALS, and Emergency Medications the information you need is quick and easy to access whether it is enroute to the call or even at the patient’s side.

Included in the app are two features that have set the Informed Publishing apps apart from the rest.

The ability to create and save notes into the app is valuable especially for providers who work across multiple systems with differing protocols. This type of flexibility is what made the original paper guides so very useful and the digital translation of this feature is priceless to any user.

The app features interactive calculators geared specifically to the pediatric patient. Just a few of the calculators included are:

  • APGAR Scale
  • Pediatric defibrillation
  • Parkland Burn Formula Infant
  • Pediatric Trauma Score
  • Pediatric Medications

This feature set makes the app invaluable to any provider who suddenly finds themselves with a pediatric patient. The app is available in the iOS App Store today with an Android version in the works!

Additional screenshots of the Porter’s Pediatric ALS app