Thank You Informed Publishing!

As the end of the first month of the new year passes us by we would like to thank Informed Publishing who has been a sponsor of the EMS Blogs Network for October, November, December, and January.

Informed Publishing are the creators and publishers of the commonly used EMS ACLS Guide App, the Critical Care ACLS Guide App, and the NIMS Guide app just to name a few. There are two things that really sets them apart from other developers in app publishing.

First, they make their apps available for as many platforms as possible. I have their apps on my Motorola Droid, my Kindle Fire, and on my new iPhone 4S. Their apps are also available for those who own a Nook, proving they are committed to providing users across multiple platforms with the same great content.

Second, they have taken high quality static paper guides and transformed them into a dynamic user experience. Everything from checklists, to calculators, to the ability to take your own notes improves upon the paper version and brings the same high quality content to life in a new way.

We would like to thank Informed Publishing for their continued support of the EMS Blogs Network and the bloggers who contribute here, and encourage you to go give them a visit and check out their apps so you can be better prepared for the next dynamically changing situation you face in the field.