Welcome EduMedic Blog To The Network!

Education as an important component to the success of any EMS system on both the individual and the agency level. While we often discuss the importance of it and the need for it to improve, we’re often lacking in the hard tangible ideas to help it do so especially when it comes to continuing education.

EMS Blogs is proud to welcome Brian Lilley authoring the EduMedic Blog to the EMS Blogs Network. Brian is a Clinical Education Manager and as such focuses on these very real topics that challenges us all.

Here’s a few things you can look forward to from his EduMedic Blog:

  • Bariatric manikin construction
  • Stretcher obstacle courses
  • Creating Matchbox scale maps for tabletops

We look forward to having Brian with us at EMS Blogs and to hopefully spread his ideas so that education (initial and continuing) can improve for all!

Be sure to stop on by and welcome him aboard!