Welcome Salty Medic To EMSBlogs.com!

Salt is an interesting element. Known to our scientific counterparts as Na in the Periodic Table most commonly referred to as Sodium. Our bodies need Sodium to help maintain water, mineral balances, and blood volume. Yet too much of it can have adverse effects on our health, such as an increased risk for high blood pressure and that contributes to heart disease and the possibility of a stroke.

While the newest blogger to join the EMSBlogs.com Network isn’t bad for your heart, she is definitely a bit salty… as in Salty Medic:

Hello! I’m Catie. A Salty Seattle-ite living my dream in the Emerald City. I’m a Clinical Manager, Critical Care Parmedic and Senior EMS Instructor for a private ambulance organization in the Greater Seattle area. I want to share my experiences and discuss challenging aspects of EMS with other professionals. I hope to share ideas and resources with others. Feel free to look around, chat me up and tell me what you’d like to read more about.

So take a minute and go check out what Catie has in store for us and give her a big old salty welcome at her blog Salty Medic!!!