Welcome Aladtec As An EMS Blogs Sponsor!

Scheduling is one of the most important aspects of any EMS operation. Too many resources will deplete your shoestring budget quickly while too few resources will result in poor response times and endangers the well being of the community your serving. It becomes more complicated when the needs of the service and that of personnel don’t necessarily align. Fortunately there is Aladtec, a software company with a scheduling solution to meet the dynamic requirements of both agency and personnel.

EMS Manager is an online employee scheduling and personnel management system. It has a wide variety of capabilities and different options for configuration that makes it versatile enough to manage everything from the smallest to the largest agency. The system can be used by supervisors and personnel from any computer with an internet connection. More importantly, Aladtec‘s solution is designed specifically with mobile devices in mind so making access from anywhere the new standard in scheduling.

Scheduling is not an easy task for any agency. Not doing it well will negatively affect response times, revenue, and quality of life for personnel. Aladtec‘s solution not only helps make the task easier for supervisors, but keeps your providers informed about their work schedules and shift availability which increases the quality of their lives.

Please join me in welcoming Aladtec, the creators of EMS Manager, as an EMS Blogs sponsor!