Aladtec’s EMS Manager System Allows Haverford Township EMS (PA) Prevent a $7,000 Unemployment Claim

A part-time employee believed he was eligible for unemployment due to “lack of work” at this agency

September 24, 2013 – Philadelphia, PA – When organizations and companies schedule staff on a spreadsheet, whiteboard or a calendar with paper and pencil, it’s extremely difficult to accurately keep track of an employee’s total hours worked for any given time. Then consider all their shift trades, dropped shifts due to illness, etc. and maintaining an accurate record becomes nearly impossible.

Haverford PatchRecently, Haverford Township EMS was able to successfully dispute a claim for over $7,000 in unemployment benefits because they use EMS Manager to schedule their crew. This online employee scheduling and workforce management system provides tracking and reporting capabilities which proved to be particularly helpful to this agency.

“It was a weird situation but a part-time employee was collecting unemployment and claiming his wages earned. The state started making us pay into his unemployment fund because he claimed lack of work. Our EMS Manager system let us go back and prove he was sent 45 shifts yet he accepted only 12 of them. We easily proved he was offered work, but chose to decline it. This saved a pending payback from the State of over 7K. I think it is safe to say, EMS Manager more than paid for itself on that one,” explains Victor M. Berg Sr., Deputy Chief, Haverford Township EMS, Haverford, PA.

In addition to employee scheduling, and the Reports feature – which helped Haverford Township EMS disprove the unemployment claim – EMS Manager has a number of other features. Including immediate message delivery via email, instant messaging and/or text. You can also track certifications and the system sends an alert when an employee is nearing an expiration date. In addition, there is an Event Calendar and Forum to improve and maintain department communication. Some agencies even use EMS Manager to keep track of shirt or uniform sizes.

“Everyone’s uniform sizes are in our EMS Manager system. When it’s time to order uniforms, I change the parameters to show, name rank, shirt and pant size and send it directly to the uniform vendor. This saves me lots of time and I can’t be blamed for ordering the wrong size, because the employee is responsible for putting in the correct information and updating it as needed,” indicates Deputy Chief Berg.

EMS Manager is available 24/7/365 from any computer, smartphone or other mobile device with an Internet connection. This eliminates the hassle of staff having to constantly call in, or drive in, to find out when they work, or try to reach an administrator to let them know they need to trade or giveaway a shift. “I do like the mobile access, it’s very conveniently and permits easy access 24/7. It was one of the biggest selling points for us when we chose EMS Manager over their competition,” Deputy Chief Berg adds.

About Haverford Township EMS: This agency has 45 employees at three locations, covering nearly 10 square miles and serving a population of 50,000 people. The township is located about 10 miles west of Philadelphia and is home to Haverford College, which is one of America’s leading liberal arts schools. In June 2013, the historic Merion Golf Club in Ardmore (Haverford Township) hosted the 2013 U.S.

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