Management Killed the Patient, But the Nurse is Prosecuted as a Criminal

I wrote about this in 2019 and the only thing that has changed is that the prosecution continues. Is the title misleading? No. The management of Vanderbilt University Medical Center created the system that killed the patient and the Nashville District Attorney’s Office is an accomplice after the fact. Yes, the nurse, RaDonda Vaught, is …

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Alternate Posting Location: The Big Issues in EMS

New on EMS1 … Issue: Red lights and sirens Case study: How to use EMS Trend Report data Issue: Recruitment and retention Do something different: Why it’s time to question everything about recruitment Issue: Hospital bed delays 7 things we’ve learned from the Wolfberg and Wirth ‘Ambulances held hostage’ series

Wordle is Everywhere

Regular Wordle is the first internet sensation of 2022. Do you play? I need more than regular Wordle. How about? Sports Wordle Music Wordle History Wordle Police and Fire Wordle Geography Wordle And we for sure need EMS Wordle. Read EMS Wordle: Five-letter EMS words you should know on Play EMS Wordle

Alternate Listening Location: Serving to Lead

On a special edition of the EMS One-Stop podcast I turned the table to interview Rob Lawrence (@UKRobL), the show host, about his Sandhurst military leadership training and his second career as an EMS leader in the United Kingdom and United States. Give a listen below or subscribe on Apple Podcasts.

Vaccinated? Thank you!

I’ve tried a lot of approaches to write about vaccination. On the one-year anniversary of the first COVID-19 vaccines being administered in the United States, I wrote this for EMS1. Gratitude and admiration for the vaccinated