It’s A Beta Kinda Thing

Operating Roadside

First we’d like to thank everyone who has come to check out and our bloggers. Like medicine itself, right now we’re still shaking things out, making adjustments and changes as needed, trying out some new things, re-tooling some old things, and hopefully developing a platform for you to enjoy quality content geared to the Emergency Medical Services.

Which is why I consider us to be currently in a “Beta” mode. “Beta” is a term used by developers for a functional project that is feature complete but still may need some tweaking. That’s exactly what we’re doing… we’re tweaking.

Even though we’re tweaking there is still some great stuff coming out from Too Old To Work, Too Young To Retire, Rogue Medic, and EMS Office Hours who are all up and running while getting tweaked.

Finally, if you’d like to hear Rogue Medic talk about and his big move to his own domain you can listen to EMS Garage Episode 98: That’s Not Klingon, It’s One Word Dyspnea and we’d like to thank Justin Schorr for his acknowledgment and realizing that we’re still tweaking.