This Week In EMS Blogs: Cracking The Champagne Bottle

One of the things that I would do bi-weekly at my other blog is what I called EMS Blog Rounds. I would point out informative and interesting posts from other bloggers around the blogosphere. That is something I’m moving over here.

So I’m cracking the champagne bottle over this new category for the EMS Blogs Network hub: This Week In EMS Blogs. We’ll be highlighting not just the best from our own bloggers, but from the entire EMS Blogosphere. Why? Because that’s just the way we roll…

Here are the posts we’re highlighting in our inaugural edition:

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  • Rogue Medic makes the case for protocol change on the Lidocaine shortage that is being predicted in New York. Of course, the pharmaceutical companies won’t have any of that! I mean why change from a drug who’s price will go up because there is a shortage to one that may actually work?
  • Jim Hoffman has a great conversation about the differences between Teaching & Instructing and Coaching & Mentoring with Dave Pomerantz and Russell Stine. It’s a must listen for those of us who find students or new EMTs on our ambulances… and even for those of us who don’t but undoubtedly will at some point
  • TOTWTYTR educated us about the full scope of angina in two parts and shot gun blasts the classic “crushing mid sternal chest pain, often with radiation to the left jaw and arm” symptom as the tell all sign of a cardiac event
  • When most systems are overwhelmed with call volume or a mass casualty incident they are able to call for additional resources in the forms of mutual aid or back-up from neighboring systems. Bloggers are no different. So when Greg Friese received a comment highlighting a common critical flaw in the thinking of EMS providers, he called for back-up. Chris Kaiser and Steve Whitehead responded and together they shined a light in a confined space about know it all Paramedics who feel they are overwhelmed with too much information. This type of complacency isn’t limited to the responders, but there are alot of agencies out there who will use the bare minimum requirements by their regulating body as the bar to reach as opposed to the bar to surpass. Hopefully if enough responders can change their mindset from low level tolerance to high level expectation then we will be able to see changes in whole agencies as well
  • For bloggers, milestone moments are usually at post 100, 250, 500, and 1,000. Beyond that and, well, most bloggers usually lose track because it slips from their mind. For podcasters however the milestone moments are usually at episodes 10, 25, 50, and 100. So we would like to extend a heart congratulations to Chris Montera and the EMS Garage who post their 100th Episode!
  • Reynolds fondly recalls his last tour and notes that there was nothing significant from this tour than all the tours over the previous 8 years. While it saddens us to see such a long time EMS Blogger go, it is to greener pastures (or at least what he thinks are greener pastures) and for that we wish him the best…

And finally…

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