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This Week In EMS Blogs: Still In Kansas

This Week In EMS Blogs: Still In Kansas

You’ll have to excuse the abbreviated edition this week, apparently someone forgot to tell yesterday’s storm that it belonged in the midwest and not the northeast. Therefore what would normally be a 60 minute commute turned into a 220 minute commute, and the madness didn’t stop there. Of course storm or no storm the EMS blogosphere keeps rolling on…

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  • Greg Friese recounts My Ambulance Education by Joseph Clark, PhD. Based on his experiences in New York City during the 80’s it is a highly recommended read if you’re interested in the earlier days of the business
  • TOTWTYTR has found the perfect job for the insane… which is exactly why I sent my resume in…
  • Medic Trommashere wrote an ode to those shiny new partners who come in hot to trot with neither a sense of compassion or customer service. I know I’m seeing more and more of their breed these days and inside it makes me want to cry… right after I choke the life out of them
  • Rogue Medic shines a spotlight on the magic of Continually Improving Life Expectancy. I agree with Rogue in that the one problem I see with that whole bit is that even though life expectancy is being extended, it’s not saying anything about the quality of that life…
  • Jim Hoffman raises the age old debate of Remediation vs. Discipline. As someone who was raised in an environment of discipline but working towards of a culture of remediation, I too sometimes have my doubts about which is right and which does more wrong
  • Sean Eddy has his second part of Turn Your Android Phone Into An EMS Tool. As a Droid owner myself, I love seeing what he comes up with to make it more useful in the field
  • Hybrid Medic has a great post showing the similarities of two of his passions (paintball and EMS) that are suffering from the apathetic dumbing down of the gene pool. He is so right in so many ways… but sadly its been that way for more than a few years

And finally…

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