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EMS Blogs Gets Back To Basics

EMS Blogs Gets Back To Basics

I once was asked what my “leadership philosophy” was. My response was probably not what the inquirer expected. I told them it was the Keep It Simple Stupid philosophy, more commonly referred to as the KISS method. I often think we over complicate matters and make situations worse by coming up with complex reasons why we can’t do something instead of focusing on the simple things we can do… but that’s just my own opinion.

Which is also why EMS Blogs is proud and happy to welcome to the fold EMS Basics authored by Brandon Oto. From Brandon Oto’s About page:


It is written and maintained by Brandon Oto, a humble EMT-B working out of the Boston, MA area, and originally hailing from northern California. He can be contacted at brandon(at)degreesofclarity.com or via his website http://degreesofclarity.com, and welcomes any thoughts, questions, suggestions, or criticisms.

Besides having a very cool gravatar, Brandon has already covered the cornerstone of BLS and the art of driving well. We look forward to him sharing tips, tricks, and idle ideations while giving you the opportunity to voice yours as we get back to basics.

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