EMS Blogs Acquired By AOL

America Online (AOL) has announced that it has acquired the EMS Blogs Network for $100 million dollars, making it the formerly independent but still premiere blog network for EMS providers world wide. This latest move by AOL follows their acquisition of leading content providers such as the Huffington Post, TechCrunch, and Engadget.

What is notably different about this acquisition is that there are 19 blogs in the deal as opposed to their other purchases that dealt with single content properties. It was announced that Rogue Medic would be named Director of Blogging Research, Sean Eddy was taking on the role of Chief of Android Proliferation, and Medic Trommashere was being apponted to Executive Chef Blogger for all of the AOL content sites. TOTWTYTR is being named as Co-Editor-In-Chief as an equal to Arianna Huffington in order to balance out her overtly liberal leanings. Other appointments to leadership positions within the company are expected early next week of the other EMS bloggers. The $100 million purchase price will be distributed amongst the other individual blog owners according to the current rev share formula used by the network.

Greg Friese made the following statement when learning about the acquisition, “If AOL really did that then I have a bridge I would like to speak to them about.”

During a rare public appearance at Dunkin’ Donuts, Dave Konig responded to questions about the apparent selling out to corporate mongers with, “Damn the man. Save the empire.”

The $100 million dollars is being paid by AOLs liquidation and recycling of 1 billion CDs with AOL 7 on them from 1997. The deal is expected to be finalized December 21, 2012 with John Cusak as officiator.

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  1. As a long time AOL user (my account was registered around 1994) I am thrilled about this acquisition. I look forward to helping AOL grow its media empire in not only blogging but print publications, television shows, and movies.

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