Always Remember

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 that took the lives of 2,977 innocents in Washington DC, Shanksville Pennsylvannia, and New York City. To honor the lives lost that day we have changed our blogs to reflect the colors of mourning.

Today is about remembering the conscious sacrifice made by one for another in their greatest time of need. Today is about remembering that while all sacrificed someā€¦ there are those who sacrificed all. I ask that you remember them today and leave everything else for another time.

September 11th Memorial 09-11-09 by idovermani via Flickr

Today we will specifically remember the eight dedicated Emergency Medical Service providers, all from New York City, who responded with their agencies to the World Trade Center site in order to help others and in doing so sacrificed their own lives.

Keith Fairben

New York Presbyterian Hospital EMS

Carlos Lillo

Fire Department of New York

Yamel Merino

MetroCare Ambulance/Einstein Hospital EMS

Richard Pearlman

The Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps

Ricardo Quinn

Fire Department of New York

Mario Santoro

New York Presbyterian Hospital EMS

Mark Schwartz

Hunter Ambulance

David Marc Sullins

Cabrini Hospital EMS

The sacrifice they and the other responders made that clear Tuesday morning in September ten years ago is what has turned Ground Zero into the Ground of Heroes.

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