It Has Been Too Long Since My Last Confession…

Bless them Captain’s Chair for I have responded. It’s been too long since my last confession, and these have been my interventions…

There’s something powerful about a confession. Whether it be offered in a religious setting, in a therapists office, in the back of a taxi cab, or in the interview room of your local police department… confessions have… soul. I’m a fan of the soul so it’s no wonder I’m happy to announce confessions are now being heard at Captain Chair Confessions on EMS Blogs!

Here’s a little bit from Captain Chair Confessions About page:

I am an affable, slightly overweight paramedic in a large city in the bottom right-hand corner of the United States. I have been involved in healthcare for the past 15 years, with the past 13 spent in ambulances in various cities, towns, hamlets and villages. I love my job. I like my coworkers. I enjoy my patients. When I am not taking care of critically injured or ill patients, I am a family man, and aspiring golfer.

Don’t be afraid… go get some soul… go welcome the confessions

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