This Week In EMS Blogs: Teh Intawbez Werks!

This past week the really big story was the blackout of major internet sites in protest against the SOPA and PIPA legislature. I had explained why it was the repsonsibility of ALL bloggers, even EMS bloggers, to oppose censorship legislation. I was very happy with the positive response I received from those who joined in on the action. Due to the collective movement, SOPA and PIPA have been pulled from the agenda. For those of you who blog, use Facebook or Twitter, claiming to be proponents of change in this industry but did nothing against SOPA and PIPA… you’re welcome. Maybe next time you’ll put some action where your propaganda is.

Of course, ensuring the internet would continue to work in an open and free environment was just a small part of this past week. Here’s what else was going in in the EMS Blogosphere:

And finally…

Have a safe week and blog hard!

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