This Week In EMS Blogs: Why Medic, What A Big Red Ambulance You Have

First off, happy 2012! With the new year one of my content creation/blogging resolutions was to restart this series of blog posts. I think it’s a great way to summarize the week and spread a the word about blogs you may not have had the opportunity to find on your own. Of course, with a busy schedule the challenge is to see how long I can keep it up!

The big story this past week that was touched on by multiple bloggers is actually about something that happened last year!

A few other interesting posts not related to that overriding theme were:

  • CCC discusses the increased restrictions against nicotine users
  • MK brings the new year in reflecting on why she got into the business
  • TOTWTYTR pulls a tale from the Journal of Iatrogenic Medicine to entertain us all
  • HLCS recognizes that there are defining moments in every providers career
  • And finally…

    And that wraps up the first week of 2012! Remember to be safe and blog hard…