Keep Pace With Your Mobile Workforce

As our society, let alone the Emergency Medical Services, continues to evolve we have become more and more of a culture dependent on our mobility. Our technology continues to become geared more and more towards that lifestyle for our entertainment activities, so it only makes sense that our ability to work follows suit. Unfortunately while enterprise solutions often lag behind, there are those who understand where we need to be now. More importantly, they understand that we need to know where we need to be and when no matter where we are now.

Aladtec‘s scheduling solution EMS Manager offers the ability for both field personnel and managers to access the online scheduling platform while on the go.

Increased mobility is not just specific to the nature of our work because as smartphones continue their proliferation more and more people will be using them in place of the actual desktop computer we’ve known for the last 20 years. Because of this it is important for services to specifically design for the mobile space and the difference in screen resolution and interactions. This is where Aladtec’s attention to the details really pays off for services utilizing their platform.

Field personnel have full access to view their current schedule, request time off, request a trade, and pick up those shifts that really need to be covered. By enabling them the ability to do all this from the convenience of their smartphone interface, services are showing that they are intune to the needs of their responders.

For schedule managers the ability to manage the schedule and send out messages to staff prevent expending countless man hours doing a call down of the roster. This also makes it more likely to keep the vital trucks in service for the community when you need them.

Check out Aladtec’s EMS Manager and begin empowering your scheduling managers and responders with mobile scheduling today.

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